Raspberry Pi

Raspbian Jessie

This page will show you how to install the Raspbian Jessie operating system onto a Raspberry Pi computer.

Installing Raspbian Jessie onto SD Card:

First of all, we need to install Raspbian Jessie onto an SD Card. This is done using a Windows computer.

Install Image Writer for Windows:

Install Raspbian Jessie onto SD Card

Start up the Raspberry Pi

Update Password

The default user for the Raspberry Pi is pi, with the password respberry.

For security reasons especially if you are going to connect to the internet, it is a good idea to change the password, which is what I will describe here.

I have seen reports on the internet that it is also a good idea to delete or to rename the pi user.
I have tried this, but found that things such as the Raspberry Pi Configuration window don't seem to work properly when there is no pi user.

Connect to WiFi

Install a Firewall

So, we now have a working Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian Jessie

Installing Software Packages

A list of software packages can be found here.

To install a software package:

Updating Software