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1. Where will I live?
As soon as you arrive to our college, you can move into your new apartment. It will be arranged by the International Office. All Foreign Teachers reside in the new Foreign Teachers Building. All apartments have a private bathroom and kitchen. Singles are provided a studio/bed-sit type apartment. Couples are provided with a one-bedroom apartment with study and living room.

2. Would I have a private apartment (no roommate) in this building?

3. Is the apartment heated and air-conditioned?
Yes, but you may want to purchase extra heaters during the winter months.

4. Do I have to pay for electricity and water, or does the College cover these costs?
The University covers the cost of all bills(except telephone and drinking water).

5. Is the apartment fully furnished?
Yes. All apartments come fully furnished with a full sized bed, linens, fully equipped kitchen (includes electric burner, microwave, refrigerator, wok and pot with vegetable steamer), private bathroom with Western style toilet and shower, desk, table, chairs, wardrobe, end tables, A/C, heater and washing machine (no dryer).

6. Is there laundry service available on campus (reasonably priced) where I can take bed linen and clothes to be washed and ironed?
Yes. It is a short 2-minute walk from the Foreign Teachers Building, on campus. There are also two other locations in Long Hu, outside campus.

7. Is hot water available at all times?
No. Hot water is only available from 10am to 12pm during the fall/spring terms.

8. Is bed linen provided – sheets, pillows, blankets – and are the sheets changed once a week?
Bed linen is provided, but you must wash your own sheets.

9. Is a telephone, computer with a printer and internet connection provided?
All apartments come with a telephone. Calls made to campus numbers are free. Any calls made outside of campus must be paid by you. All apartments have internet access. You are encouraged to bring your own computer for your personal use. The University provides an internet café with computers and a printer for Foreign Teachers. We recommend bringing a flash drive to save your work. There are copy shops on Campus and in Long Hu where you can purchase paper, print and copy teaching materials at a very affordable price.

10. What can I expect when I arrive?
International Office will arrange a school bus to pick you up from either the Airport or Zhengzhou Railway Station. The building managers, Richard and Frank, will have your apartment ready for you. The International Office will arrange an orientation and campus tour to help you settle in to your new environment.

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Address:  Zhengzhou Shengda University, No.1 Wenchang Road, Longhu Town, Xinzheng, Zhengzhou, Henan 451191, China

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