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Shengda Held a Video Conference on COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control


时间:2020-02-11    阅读次数: 责任编辑:顿雁峰

On February 11, 2020, Shengda held a video conference to address the prevention and control of COVID-19. At the conference, "the policy of the superior epidemic prevention and control meeting" was analyzed and in-depth arrangements were made in preparation for the school's re-opening. School leaders and leaders of each prevention and control groups attended the meeting; showing their willingness to work steadfastly to ensure that plans are properly performed.

The conference highlighted the achievements made through the unified leadership of the school in implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.

The next step is to recognize the meeting spirit of the superior and the requirements for the preparation for the start of the school. There should be collaboration with our work and the epidemic prevention and control documents of the government to ensure practical implementation of the decisions of the superior.

This conference demanded that we must first recognize this severe situation and enter a state of combat firstly. Second, we must combine the existing conditions of our school ’s reality, combine the practicalities and responsibilities of each group, seek truth from facts, improve the work plan in a targeted manner and grasp the key nodes. Third, it is necessary to clarify work responsibilities, work time limits, work progress, implement various work tasks, specific measures, and responsibilities, and strengthen supervision and supervision. Teachers and students of the whole school should work together to overcome the difficulties, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control battle; and jointly safeguard the safety, health and stability of our campus.


 (Article is by Wei Wei in Publicity Office; Translated by Cui Dongli in International Office)

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